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Kava Instant Drink Mixes

Samples of our Kava Instant Drink Mixes will be available for a flat fee, shipping included*, in our shop in the coming weeks.

The Kava Sample Pack includes a sample size of each of our six Kava Instant Drink Mix flavors: Lateral Root, Vanuatu Blend, Berry Blend, Cocoa Blend, Vanilla Shake and Berry Shake. Each sample packet is 5 3/4″ x 3 7/8″ and contains, for the average person, about 2 servings. Additional supplemental information and preparation instructions can be found on the packaging.

IMPORTANT: We include a Kava Sample Pack with EVERY order on our website, including regular sized Kava Instant Drink Mixes. Include the Kava Sample Pack with other products in your order ONLY when you want additional samples. We will not contact you to make sure you meant to include the Kava Sample Pack with your order. We do not want you to spend more than you mean.

*Shipping is included in the price. Free shipping for the Kava Sample Pack is available ONLY in the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. A free Kava Sample Pack will still be included with EVERY order on our website. Free shipping is available when ONLY a Kava Sample Pack is ordered OR when we offer free shipping during a sale.

Kava Dark Chocolate & Natural Treatment Oils

We currently do not provide samples of our Kava Dark Chocolates or our Natural Skin Treatment Oils by mail. If you are interested in trying those products, we highly recommend that you place an order for the additional products you want to try (i.e., order one Kava Dark Chocolate Bar).

You could order ONE Kava Dark Chocolate Bar at $3.99 + $6.50 flat rate shipping (within the U.S.) = $10.49 AND get the Kava Samples Pack FOR FREE.

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