Kava Crown Tap Root

//Kava Crown Tap Root

Kava Crown Tap Root


Crown Tap Root Kava Instant Drink Mix. Available in 1/4 lb. bag only (about 42 servings).

The Kava plants’ crown roots make up 80% of the actual Kava root. Depending on the cultivar, the Kava can carry between 5-10% kavalactones per mg.


Kava King added a twist to the traditional Kava drink with our Kava Instant Drink Mixes. Our drink mixes are Vegan Certified. They contain 100% ground Kava root from Vanuatu in the South Pacific Islands. Our instant drink mixes come in 1/4 lb. bags (about 42 servings) and 1/2 lb. bags (about 84 servings). The packaging includes dosing instructions. Click here to learn more about Kava and our other products.

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Weight 4 oz

Crown Tap Root


1/4 lb.


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