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Frequently Asked Questions 2016-11-07T14:19:36+00:00
What is Kava? 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

Piper Methysticum; commonly known as Kava, is a plant that grows throughout most of the South Pacific Islands. The native people have been drinking infusions of the Kava root for thousands of years. Kava promotes a relaxed atmosphere and is often consumed at social and diplomatic ceremonies.

For many, kava helps calm nerves, relax muscles, lift spirits and promote sociability. Kava brings natural relaxation that helps ease stress – no need for alcohol or sedatives.

What are the effects of Kava? 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

In a traditional setting, one can feel the effects of a moderately potent kava drink within 2 – 3 minutes and that lasts for up to two hours. Some report effects lasting up to two days after ingestion, including a feeling of mental clarity, patience and an ease of acceptance.

The sensations, in order of appearance, are slight tongue and lip numbing, mildly talkative and sociable behavior, clear thinking, calmness, relaxed muscles and a sense of well-being. The numbing of the mouth is caused by the two kavalactones; kavain and dihydrokavain which cause the contraction of the blood vessels in these areas acting as a local topical anesthetic. Some report that caffeine, consumed moderately in conjunction with kava can significantly increase mental alertness.

How do you prepare Kava for consumption? 2016-12-07T09:21:12+00:00

Thanks to our exclusive patented Kava Micronization System©, you can prepare the same kava drink without all the bother or mess. Kava King™ Kava can be mixed with almost any beverage, such as milk, juice, or water.

In Vanuatu, a strong kava drink is normally followed by a hot meal or tea. The meal traditionally follows after the drink so that the psychoactives are absorbed into the bloodstream quicker. Traditionally no flavoring is added.

Kava is consumed in various ways throughout the Pacific Ocean cultures of Polynesia, Vanuatu, Melanesia and some parts of Micronesia and Australia. Traditionally, kava is prepared by mashing the root, steeping in water or coconut milk and then straining the infusion to remove the remaining fibers.

Why must Kava be mixed into cold beverages? 2016-12-07T09:24:30+00:00

Once Kava hits liquid, it immediately starts losing its potency. Liquid above certain temperatures break down the active ingredients that give Kava its calming effects faster than in colder liquids.

Some people say hot liquid actually makes Kava more potent. You are welcome to experiment with Kava however you wish. Please share any feedback with us.

Is Kava safe? 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

Kava is safe if used properly. Like with any substance, you should not use more than recommended. Please consult your doctor if you have any concerns or pre-existing medical conditions.

We do not condone the consumption of kava if you are under the age of 18 or pregnant. 

It came to light in the 90’s that Kava may cause liver damage. However, since it was originally brought up, there has been no definitive proof that Kava causes liver damage, and has since been disproven.

What is the difference between the Shakes and the Blends? 2017-02-13T10:42:16+00:00

The Kava Shakes will produce a drink of a thicker consistency than the Kava Blends. The Shake mixes are the perfect addition to a smoothie or a shake!

I tried Kava and did not feel anything. Why might this happen? 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

You may be experiencing what the Kava community refers to as “Reverse Tolerance”. The Theory of Reverse Tolerance is the idea that someone may need a certain level build-up of kavalactones before they begin feeling the effects of Kava. Kavalactones are the compounds Kava is made up of that give it its calming effects. This theory applies to the principle that “the more you have, the less you need”.

If you tried Kava for the first time and did not feel anything, keep trying! It may take a few weeks to start feeling Kava’s effects. If after about a month you do not feel anything, let us know and we will see if there is anything we can do to help.

Can I capsulate the Kava Instant Drink Mixes? 2016-12-07T09:26:58+00:00

Yes! As long as it is safe, we encourage you to use our Kava in the most convenient and enjoyable way possible.

About Our Natural Treatment Oils 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

General Information

  • For topical use only. Do not consume any of our natural treatment oils.
  • All of our treatment oils are cold-pressed in the traditional manner; preserving their chemical structure.
  • All of our treatment oils have anti-septic AND anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Each of our oils comes in a 2 oz. glass bottle.
  • Bulk pricing is available upon request.
Tamanu Oil 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

Uses and General Information

Tamanu Oil (also known as Calophyllum Inophyllum Oil) is a natural skin treatment oil that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of scars and redness.

Traditional Uses Also Include:

  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Acne Preventative
  • Skin Rejuvenator


Our Tamanu Oil is made from Pure Organic Calophyllum Inophyllum (Tamanu Oil) that is obtained from the nut of the Tamanu Tree.


The nuts we use to make our Tamanu Oil are sourced from Vanuatu.

Moringa Oil 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

Uses and General Information

Moringa Oil (also known as Moringa Oleifera Oil) is a natural skin treatment oil that contains healthy vitamins including Vitamins A, C, & E.

Traditional Uses Include:

  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Treatment for skin disorders including acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.
  • Relief from minor cuts insect bites, rashes, and burns.
  • Insect Repellant
  • Hair Moisturizer and Conditioner


Our Moringa Oil is made from Pure Moringa Oleifera Oil that is obtained from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera Tree.


The seeds we use to make our Moringa Oil are sourced from India.

Nangai Oil 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

Uses and General Information

Nangai Oil (also known as Canarium Indicum Oil) is clinically proven to improve the manageability and appearance of hair.

Traditional Uses Also Include:

  • Alleviate joint and muscle pain
  • Fast absorbing moisturizer and condition for skin and hair
  • Treatment for skin disorders including acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.


Our Nangai Oil is made from Pure Canarium Indicum Oil (Nangai Oil) that is obtained from the nuts of the Nangai Tree.


The nuts we use to make our Nangai Oil are sourced from Vanuatu.

What are Cold-Pressed Oils? 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

Cold-Pressed oils are the best oils. Cold-pressing oils involves forcing the oil out of the seeds or nuts by crushing and grinding them at LOW temperatures. The chemical structure of the oils are preserved by pressing the seeds and nuts at lower temperatures. When you add more heat to the pressing process, you are degrading the beneficial value of the oils.

Why has my Nangai Oil congealed? 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

Nangai Oil typically gels at cooler temperatures. It is best to store Nangai Oil at temperatures above 75℉.

What are your business hours? 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

Weekdays 8 AM – 3 PM EST

We are not able to process orders when we are closed. Occasionally, a representative may return emails, messages, and phone calls during non-business hours.

Do you have wholesale options? 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

Yes. To view wholesale options, you need to be registered on our website as a Wholesale user. For more information on wholesale, please contact us by phone or email.

To create a Wholesale account on our website, use these Wholesaler Login Instructions:

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What are your Shipping & Return policies? 2016-10-26T13:14:56+00:00

Please visit this page for information on Shipping & Returns. 

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